Apps for women

In this age everything is modernised and digitised and if streaming platforms and mobile banking is not a new thing then the apps made specifically for women can be an interesting discovery for some.

In this article, we will cover some engaging apps for ladies that will come in handy in everyday life.


For your health

When we think about apps made specifically for women, we think about menstruation tracking apps. They are extremely useful, and we are certain that every woman nowadays uses such apps, and if they don’t, then they definitely should. You no longer need to keep in mind certain dates or mark it in the calendar, just download the app, enter your data, and it will do everything for you.

These kinds of apps allow you to track your period and ovulation, give you advice on your health, so you can prevent various diseases, some even recommend specific diet or exercises for those days.

They are useful for those women who want to get pregnant or are already expecting a baby. The app can help you with advice on pregnancy, keep track of your visit to the doctor, or any symptoms you might encounter along the way.

For your mind

Meditation has become more than a trend. Nowadays, it is a lifestyle for many. And what is a better way to track your thoughts and feelings than using an app? Modern apps, that are aimed at bettering the mind and tracking feelings, offer a lot of features that will come in handy for an everyday life for any woman. Choose a meditation that you need to release the negative emotions or just to relax.

Keep a diary with your thoughts or wellness progress in one place. It also can be useful for users that just begin their wellness journey. The progress tracker will help them to keep the motivation up, and an option to learn meditation from scratch would be extremely convenient.

For your body

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Everything is interconnected and needs individual care.

You might argue that fitness apps are not tailored to one specific gender, and you might be right. In recent studies, however, it has been found that most exercises and their effectiveness for mussels were not tested on women, but on men. Therefore, if you are a woman who wants to maximise your workout time, you definitely should look for an app that is designed specifically for women. These types of apps would consider things like a certain time of your cycle, so you would do the exercises that work for you.

For your safety

Being a woman in a modern world can be quite dangerous sometimes. So, special applications were created to keep women secure.

The features these apps provide are as following: the emergency call to the police or any chosen number; automatic location sender; 

Some apps have a feature that keeps you safe with just a tab on the screen. Quite literally. When you walk home alone, just tap the screen and keep your finger there. Once you release, the app will ask you to input the password. In case you won’t enter a thing, the app will make an emergency call and send your location to a local police station. Certainly a handy thing to have on your phone.

Final thoughts

Since apps are automated, they are completely reliable, as well as neutral and non-judgmental, making them great motivators for mental health habits. An app can help you stay on track, building consistency and regularity into your daily routine, regardless of whether you want to meditate, improve your diet, or take yoga classes.

So, if you’ve ever thought about creating an app specifically for women, then feel free to contact us via, and we will make sure that your idea becomes a reality!

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