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WhaleSlide is not a regular app, it’s innovative tool which makes your life easier in one click. It’s easy and safe way to search information without providing any personal info and even e-mail. Furthermore, WhaleSlide has an option of charity: make a purchase and a donation will be made on your behalf. And finally, it has a space for collections of content you find interesting: you can create a collection to plan a holiday, save your favorite recipes or bookmark academic research.

VR Guide

VR Guide

Do not know which sports club to choose? Where to have coffee at lunchtime? Or you came to the Dnipro and you do not know where to go. 360 video of the top places in Dnipro, which will simplify the choice of choosing places for any pastime.


What is TensorFlow?

The Google Brain project started in 2011 to explore the use of very-large-scale deep neural networks, both for research and for use in Google’s products. As part of the early …

Smart Agriculture

We’ve come to a time in civilization when raw materials and resources are becoming ever more scarce. Although agriculture and mobile apps technology may appear disconnected on the face of …

How IT impacts on Real Estate

No business will go untouched by digital transformation. At the root of what’s transforming today’s business designs, industries, markets and organization is the blurring of boundaries between the physical and …