Flutter is a new framework from Google

At the Google I/O’17 conference, Google introduced the new open source library Flutter.

Flutter — is a new tool that allows developers to write cross-platform applications, which can be run on different systems with a common code base.

Flutter is written in C and C++, provides an engine for 2D rendering, a framework and a set of widgets in the Material Design and Cupertino style. At the moment, the popular alpha: 0.0.20 version, Despite the fact that the firmware is not yet finalized, it’s possible to make a good, advanced interface on it.

Flutter is an excellent solution for developing cross-platform mobile applications with a cute interface. The approach, which is used to design interfaces, is similar to the one used in web applications. Therefore, you can notice a lot of analogies with HTML/CSS technologies. Also, this tool has its own programming language – Dart. This language is also developed by Google. Dart is very similar to Java, so the study will be easier, those who have encountered Java before.

It is believed, that the Flutter library simplifies and accelerates the development of web applications, what please the eye. In general, this library has many opportunities that can be very interesting for Android developers. Which are not available for other cross-platform solutions.

Flutter functions that prevail over other solutions:

  • Flutter applications are compiled into machine code, they do not need a connection between JavaScript and machine code;
  • Flutter does not use Platform OEM widgets. This increases the flexibility of the widgets.
  • The presence of the typed language Dart.
  • Flutter tools are the great approach for VSCode and IntelliJ.
  • Support for Flutter provided by Google.

We collected five, in our opinion, interesting and beautiful open source development, which we found on GitHub:

  • Fast development

This is a simple, but a very convenient feature, which has the most stars on Github. This library helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster. Experience sub-second reload times, without losing state, on emulators, simulators, and hardware for iOS and Android.

Make a change in your code, and your app is changed instantly.

  • Flutter Menu

A beautiful library in which you can make: a background colors that changes with PageView, add custom tab indicators, change food prices, make cart animation, customize card shadow, apply different text font, create secondary screen, navigate to secondary screen with hero animation, make cards slide animation, increment & decrement quantities.

previewAbout us - Ramen Restaurant app

  • Travel App

Nice application with design made by Daryl Ginn.

  • Boock Reader

The app concept DesignBetter.Co by InVision.

  • Drink Shop

This app is considered advanced. Design made by Yaroslav Zubko.

Flutter – is a great new tool that will help developers create fast cross-platform applications.

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