Make your UI/UX better in 2023

Visual appeal is extremely important, so implementing the latest trends will surely help your app to be in the spotlight from the users. Here, in this article, we have collected the list of trends that can be used to your advantage in 2023. 

3D images and interactive details

One of the most prominent trends is 3D design. As well as static graphics, there are also animated 3D graphics. In addition to the movement of objects on the scroll or user action, the combination of 3D objects in design compositions is mind-blowing, making the user stay longer.

This technology is especially useful if you are running an app for a business that displays products. You can showcase a close replica of your products in the app or on the website to attract potential customers.

Leave a room for choice


It’s a great idea to have both light and dark mode for your app and leave it up to users to choose which one they want. Some prefer the original look of the app with its light mode, while some want to have an option for customization. 

Besides, implementing the dark mode makes it easier to read the text, which makes dark mode more useful for blogs and newspapers. It is said that dark mode is easier on the eye for prolonged periods.

Also, there is a technical benefit – dark mode saves battery. Dark mode works best when the pixel is completely black and its impact on the device battery life.


Micro-interactions that catch your eye


We think that it is always the small things that matter. If a dynamic loader had existed for a while, then for notifications, refresh and bookmarks it’s quite a new thing. Small details like those differ your website from the others.

Micro-interactions also seemed like a care for the user. After an action from the user, they get an immediate visual response from the app. When used well, micro-interactions can leave a positive feeling about your brand and increase its popularity.

Minimalistic design


Minimalism has been trending for quite some time, and there is a reason for it. If you think that this style is boring and overused, then you are probably thinking about the old black and white minimalism.

Modern minimalism is not necessarily black and white, the interface should be light without massive shades. Increased attention to details, but at the same time the interface is invisible and intuitively navigated. Moreover, in modern minimalism style, we can see the use of dark colors to implement the dark mode.

Immersive scrolling


To tell the story or to give the information, consequently, it is best to use immersive scrolling. It allows the designers to have control over what the users will see first on the website, as well as how they are going to move through the content. It all helps to target the audience in the right way and create a path that will showcase the app or a website in the best way possible.



So, did any of those trends have caught your eye? If yes, and if you want to implement any of them in your app, let us know via, and we’ll make sure that your app will be up to the latest trends!

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