Mobile development trends 2023

Trends exist in any field, and mobile development is no exception. There are many points to consider, and we are here to discuss some of them.


The popularity of mobile applications grows day by day. And it’s not surprising, especially considering how much time an average user spends using their smartphone. According to App Annie’s report published by BBC, an average user spends 4.8 hours a day on their phone. That’s quite expected since almost any activity imaginable is being switched to mobile in order to meet the needs of increased information flows, flexible markets and reshaped social conventions.


In this article we collected information about trends in the development, so your app can be among those, used on a daily basis.

Use of AI

It is already obvious that AI will be a trend in 2023, since it’s already widely used. It’s available not only to developers, but also to regular users. There have been whole trends going on in social media where users were uploading their pictures to the AI and generating pictures of themselves in different decades.

But, surely, AI can be used not only for entertainment purposes. The main peculiarity of AI is that it is able to learn, which makes the programs based on it more efficient. Virtual assistants, like Siri for example, have already shown what AI learning can do and how conversational interfaces can be improved.


Who hasn’t heard about the new 5G era? Even if you are not connected with the IT field, we bet that you definitely heard about it, and we are convinced those talks won’t die down any time soon. The reason for its popularity is quick data delivery and supports more users, devices, and services. With 5G, efficiency and speed will improve greatly.

Currently, there is an ongoing development that will allow 5G connection on planes at the latest by 30 June 2023, and we are certain that this development won’t stop only in the aircraft field.


AR and VR apps

AR and VR technology have been extremely popular in the game industry. And we are certain that those technologies will find their way into app development as well. We can already see the examples of implementation of AR in social media apps like Snapchat or TikTok, where AR is used to create filters.

There are many uses for AR and VR in app development. Take a product showcase, for example. With the use of AR, the users may be able to see how the furniture would look like in their house simply by using the app and looking at the screen. And if VR is used, the users would have the ability to see the products from every angle.

Cross-platform development


When the app can be run on different platforms, it becomes more appealing to the users. 

And not only in is attractive to users, but it is also a great feature for the developers. The use of a single source code across multiple platforms accelerates development. The mobile app can run on a variety of platforms that are fully compatible, and they can take advantage of a number of plugins connected to cloud configurations. 

This makes it possible to create a single app that targets iOS and Android. The speedy development process is another benefit of building cross-platform apps. 


Don’t forget about UI/UX


No matter how unique and useful your mobile app is, if it doesn’t look good, people are more likely to skip it.

Let’s be honest, the users are spoiled with the variety of apps that provide the same purpose, so in order to make it unique you have to make it stand out. The first this that the user see when looking through the app store is the application design. So, when creating the app, the developers have to ensure that the app will look appealing and easy to use.

The design of mobile screens should always be neat and simple, considering the small size of the screen. The popularity of minimalist, clear interfaces on smartphones has increased in recent years. This type of design makes content easier to read and understand.


The trends are constantly changing, and it is important to keep up with them if you want your app to be popular among users. If any of those trends have caught your eye, let us know via, and we’ll make sure that your app will be up to the latest trends!

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