Business analysis has become really popular nowadays. So, the understanding of it is the major key to success.

Business analysis is a set of possible technologies and practices aimed at achieving business goals. It can be done by identifying needs and developing solutions based on the best use of available data. It is based on the information provided, also on the evaluation of key and basic indicators and their interaction with each other .

The purpose of business intelligence is to identify business problems and provide changes in the company with the help of solutions found earlier.

Examples of such solutions could be:
-optimization of the company's organizational structure.
-development of new or changes to existing business processes or business plans.
-development of new strategic plans and so on.

What tasks does BA do?

- Analysis of collected information and an assessment of the business structure.
- Analysis of the root causes of business problems and their identification.
- Solving the problems with management, planning and optimal staffing levels.
- Developing organizational issues.
- Making suggestions for changes in the solutions.
- Documentation of the correct requirements for building a business and improving the efficiency of projects and a huge pack of others.

So, you see how important BA is?

BA is useful for any business, it helps to eliminate problems and raise it to a new level, respectively, and affects the level of income.

Aslo, it requires full responsibility and undergoes four stages of work:
- The period of stable operation of the company.
- The period before changes.
- Changes.
- The period after changes.

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