Online banking

The banking sector has long mastered online, and banks serve customers online faster than in branches. People immediately appreciated the benefits of managing their accounts remotely and began paying for services, making purchases, and transferring money remotely. With the advent of cell phones, online banking became less convenient. Banking consumers wanted to conduct financial transactions from their phones – they are always at their fingertips, unlike a home computer. Thus mobile banking, originally called SMS banking, was born.

Today’s cell phone allows expanded access to a bank account anywhere, anytime. It’s a capability that is unlikely to be offered by other means of remote banking. Research in the UK has shown that users check their account status by phone 3 times more often than by computer. And with the evolution from phones to smartphones, with the emergence of a new type of mobile device – tablets, mobile banking has also changed.

We already have a large number of online banking apps in our portfolio. And we’ll help you create the coolest, most modern mobile app from scratch. You’ll be able to maintain your position in the banking market and offer your audience a unique approach to service, using the latest technology. Thus, once you install a dedicated app, people and companies will stay with you for a long time.


Movies and cartoons are some of the best things humans have ever created. They give us not only the joy of a peaceful evening we can spend watching a movie, but they also act as one of the greatest institutions for creating educational and scientific programs and providing people with interesting and useful facts.

At present, however, TV is in a rather natural decline that could serve as the end of the entire TV broadcasting industry. Against this background, movie theaters are becoming increasingly popular. And before you go there, you need to find a suitable movie, decide on the place and buy tickets. At the same time you want to do it as simply, quickly and conveniently as possible.

We specialize in app development for buying tickets to the movies, which can be adapted to both iOS and Android platforms.


Today’s world is unimaginable without digital technology, and over the past few years, developments in the healthcare industry have also contributed to the growth of mobile apps.

Studies show that people spend 60% of their time on the Internet using apps. Over the past three years, this activity has increased by 111%, which may well form the basis of the new plot of the TV series “Black Mirror”. Today, apps are used for just about everything: communication, finance, sports, work and more.

Mobile Health (or MHealth) is a medical activity that is provided through phones, personal digital assistants and other mobile devices.

The use of MHealth mobile apps allows a person to control their health care more conveniently. This self-care mechanism is especially preferable for patients with chronic diseases, as it facilitates treatment adherence and helps with remote monitoring.

By regularly recording indicators in apps, patients can both monitor their own health and be monitored by the attending physician and promptly identify abnormalities in the patient’s condition. In addition, remotely requesting info on treatment, diagnosis, or drug therapy allows the user to avoid going to the hospital every time for any reason, which certainly makes their life easier. And VRG Soft has already been able to help many people by developing MHealth    apps.

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