Virtual reality software was recently presented by Google with the Daydream to access apps and content while using the headset. It’s not just a simple stuff with the possibility to watch a great pictures and play games, it’s a complicated ecosystem where users are able to navigate inside virtual reality. Because of this innovation, more and more people became involved in the VR world and desired to try out new apps and games to explore Daydream’s possibilities. That’s why our team followed the growth of VR popularity and pleased our customers with the perfect solution to travel around the world using one simple app. Cure your mind off the hustle and bustle of noisy city, have a journey to the parts of the world that you’ve never been using the Ascape app! You can use your Android or IOS device and enjoy unreal 360° videos, scenic virtual tours, and superb visual content.

We specialise in development of VR solutions to move you to places you have never been before. Depending on the requirements, VR can be experienced on mobile with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or on PC with a more advanced Oculus Rift or other headsets.


Not far ago we started real estate application development and helped numerous of searchers with dream home. According to customers’ needs, we draw a portrait of the ideal real estate application and included a huge list of features.Great real estate app should totally fit customers’ needs like real agent consultant. That’s why customers more often want to see the ability to request live tours via the application, with the top function to see an overlook of the apartment or any other property. Our apps with inbuilt VR video allow users to navigate through various views including an apartment on two floors. We created photo-realistic virtual reality environment simply combining the computer generated renderings and actual photography. One of the latest examples is VR Guide app. It is an alternative way to perform live tour through the desired place to visit.vrguide

We carry about the next important thing for real estate users such as communication. For example, homebuyers are received different kind of notifications for all kinds of properties.  The best point for every customer is real-time messaging which enables constant connection between a client and a server. Such kind of chats is typically implemented with the XMPP protocol to transport across the network with the help of transport bindings such as TCP/IP, HTTP, or WebSockets. For non-real time chats, it’s good to have hybrid messages. We build it by simply accomplished communication between a server and a client through HTTP requests. The message would go to the server and soon server would send the push notification to a client. After simple click on a notification, the user will be transferred to a dialogue. Our team is working on research in communication technology and ready to suggest you the best one according to your purposes and needs.


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When Google started using now-ubiquitous cards in Google Now it pushed a new way of thinking about the using software elements. Just imagine for a minute if you’re able to move a cards, and they slid around and move on t
he screen. Sounds incredible, right? From this point of thinking Google team set about creating metaphorical material similar to magical white flat paper floating above the surface of the background. Elements are tend to not just vanish above it, but slide away and moves only after user moved them. This decision was combined with brighter color choices and larger typography and was the seeds from which the rest improvements grew. Material design is absolutely constraint and makes design decisions easier and more consistent. We at VRG soft use the best material solutions to create effective user interfaces for innovative software products.
Your product will become not only attractive and trendy, but we ensure you exceed your customers’ expectations. To deliver custom-tailored design for your users, we deeply analyze your market, business and customers’ behavior. One of the latest our product gathered approximately 500000 downloads from Play Market because of implemented material design.