Kotlin, Swift, PHP


Project Manager - 1
Android developer - 2
iOS developer - 2
UI/UX designer - 1
QA engineer - 1


1 year

Support - ongoing

The Idea​

A-Book is an app which helps users in self-improvement, due to listening books. In modern life, unfortunately, there is not always time to sit down and enjoy reading a book in the garden, in the bathroom or on a park bench. That’s why the audiobooks application helps people who want to develop their inner world, despite the fact that there is not always time for this. You can listen while you are driving to work, cycling, cleaning the house.

The Approach

User-friendly interface: a lot of categories of books in the application + convenient book search page by genre.

There are «favorite» categories - what the user has added and “collections” of books from other users.

When you click on the book you see: the abstract, genre, author, reader and timing of displaying.

When you click on the «play», the player turns on and you can: scrolling the audio, accelerated or slowed down, set on the sleep timer and select the chapter you want to listen to.

The Solution

We provide a continuous adding of new books, improving the collection - so you can gather your own “library in the phone”. Offline function allows you to save time and listen to books in metropolitan, or in the village, where there is no internet or it is tough.

The Result

New books = self improvement and getting new skills/ knowledge. All things considered, you have more time for your life, and simultaneously more knowledge.


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