Dating sites: let’s acquainted? ;)

The technology world has completely absorbed us, now we are even looking for a couple on the Internet, thanks to dating sites, which have a huge number of different topics. But we’re not talking about that.

Today we will tell you how to search for couples on dating sites, actually how it works!


Ukrainian service of new dating and communication with elements of activities. You can write a message to user, send a smile or like a photo. You can find your couple whole Ukraine. On your page you choose your mood: want – going to the cinema, drink, love, relax, go to the sea or without mood. By your mood, you find your match.  


Tinder is in many ways a unique application like many other mobile dating sites. We can say that the main principle of its use is the mutual evaluation of photographs. Here everything is quite simple: the user views the photo and profile of another person and can at the same time make two kinds of swipes:

Swipe to the right means that the questionnaire was liked, and the user would not mind continuing to get acquainted. In turn, “on the other side” receive notice of this. If the questionnaire and another person liked, it can send a mutual Swipe to the right. Then it opens the possibility to start communication in a text chat;

And here Swipe in the left side means a refusal of further acquaintance. Moreover, even if the left Swipe was accidentally produced, it will be impossible to return the questionnaire back for viewing.


Doubles are a function of a site that allows you to search for people who are like celebrities, your friends and even yourself! The system searches the Badoo users database for people who look exactly like the person in the selected photo. After using the function, you will be asked to create an account, so you can get acquainted with the found “twins” (And even meet, if they do not mind!).

The “People Near” section on Badoo shows you all users from your region and other cities, and Search gives you the ability to search for people, given the different search criteria that are important to you.


By registering on the site, in addition to the standard information about yourself, the required fields are information about where you work, what languages you know, whether there are children, religion, physique, health and bad habits. Also, it is mandatory to undergo psychological testing. The process of selecting compatible people on this site is based on 17 compatibility parameters, which, according to search.


After passing the test, you are selected by the most suitable users and offer them as candidates for acquaintance. The method of selecting partners is based on a mathematical model that takes into account the psychological portrait of a potential life partner, his personal data and personal preferences.

Free database search is not provided. Unlike other dating sites, they do not offer you a long list of candidates and prefer quality to quantity. Therefore, it may be that the search for a partner on the site longer, but as a result, you find a person whose relationship will be more happy and lasting, the opinion of the site.

To ensure a more live communication, only those candidates who visited the site within the last two months offer you.

Dating sites are certainly convenient, but let’s not forget that real communication is much more pleasant then Internet! Are you agree with us?

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