Learn Hebrew


Learn Hebrew

The best assistant in the study of Hebrew

Our main target:

At the moment, Hebrew has become quite a popular language. After studying the services market, we are faced with the fact that good lessons with training are very few, or they are very expensive. So we decided to create the Learn Hebrew application. In which were collected the most relevant topic, for all occasions, with competent audio accompaniment.  


What is Learn Hebrew?

Learning Hebrew with Learn Hebrew is easier. Learn Hebrew is an application with free online and offline lessons, for self-study. The application covers a variety of topics through which you will learn many common words and phrases. Which contribute to better adaptation to the environment with native speakers.

Application content:

  • Hebrew alphabet;
  • More than 30 different lessons, on different topics;
  • More than 3000 words and phrases;
  • Audio accompaniment;
  • Offline lessons;  
  • Comfortable and practical design.

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