Being a modern person means following news and being aware of all world`s trends as well.  Fashion, marketing etc. But, what about mobile development?

    Trend #1 Video conferencing services 

     All apps with these services are experiencing a real boom in popularity. Making it`s not only easier to organize the remote work, but also to discuss key business issues with colleagues, business partners, and others. 

     After all, putting together an online conference for several dozen or even hundreds of people are not much more difficult than calling a friend on Viber.

      It’s hard to imagine a business sector without using video communication services. Curiously, in a very short time, services developed for the corporate segment have quickly become useful to ordinary users and vice versa. Such as Zoom, Discord, Slack, Teams, Skype and so on.

    Trend #2 Online consultations

     Quarantine cause changes in medicine as well. Since people couldn`t visit a doctor permanently, online consultation apps took it`s place in 2021 trends.  

     Making an appointment became much easier. All you need is an Internet and an app what allows you to keep in touch with your doctor. So, online consultations have become quite normal and customary. 

       Trend #3 Watching movies online

       People began to watch more and more movies and TV series on the Internet during quarantine. This trend was also observed before the pandemic, but in quarantine it became even more evident.

      Over the past two years, the total number of movie theater-goers worldwide has increased by 18%, and the number of subscribers to Netflix, for example, has increased by 47% over the same period. 

     Trend #4 Online shopping 

      Making purchase through the Internet using online banking. The limitation of going out during quarantine and the great desire to store on the weekend have found a way out in online shopping. 

      Nowadays Internet banks already solve the most popular user tasks in basic ways, covering all basic needs with help of apps.

     Trend #5 Home-delivery 

     In 2021 Many countries and cities allow restaurants to prepare takeout or for home delivery. So the demand for supermarket food delivery has increased dramatically.

    All restaurant food delivery companies across Europe such as Just Eat and Uber Eats are reporting a steady drop in customers. And this is against a backdrop of marked growth in supermarket meal deliveries.

        Trend #6 VR and AR in progress

        VR has become another solution for people who are tired of the constant view out the window. This provides a bunch of opportunities from strolling around your favorite city to even organizing your interior. 

        For example, IKEA Place AR app allows users see how a specific piece would look in their place. It helps to compare the end results of interior design taking pictures and videos of them. 

     So, there are a bunch of innovations and trends in the world that are going to be constantly updated. That’s why VRG Soft is always here to help you stay on top of all these trends!

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