New Experience: E-commerce

Do you often pay attention to the design of a website? Especially when it’s a website store?

In most cases, any other online store keeps customers not only with the availability of its assortment, but also the supply of this product and the design of the site.

The sale of jewelry through the Internet 7 years ago seemed fantastic, now this trade show is gaining momentum! And the development of sites does not stand on one place. Need more advertising, more functionality of the site, more colors to attract attention.

As we already read, in September 2017 VRGsoft started its cooperation with E-commerce. For VRGsoft there was a task: the develop of one jewelry online store and the solution to the problem with SEO and CMS.

Battle: CMS & Self-described Site?

Let’s get acquainted first with CMS, as we worked with it:

CMS (Content Management System) is a special program that consists of many components. It is installed directly on the server platform for the following tasks:

1) Creation of Internet resources of different types, including blogs, online stores, news portals, etc.

2) Easy site management. For example, the publication of content without the knowledge of HTML-layout. CMS provides many such opportunities for working with sites. It is, first of all, a convenient tool for filling an Internet resource with useful information, documents and commodity units, media files, etc.

According to statistics, approximately 99% of all currently existing sites are developed on the basis of various CMS, which in turn exist simply a huge number.

CMS which are Relevant


Magento is a strong CMS that has a pretty strong design and it has a large community.

Proof that the powerful is that it is used by many large e-commerce enterprises with millions of dollars in revenue, such as Nordstrom, Adidas, and North Face. In fact, the Magento Enterprise Edition can withstand 350 million catalog views and 487,000 orders a day.


OpenCart is a fast and non-resource-intensive CMS server. In fact, it is an online store engine, focused on creating convenient and selling online stores. That in the aggregate gives a very reliable and simple solution for those wishing to create their own online store at minimal cost.

OpenCart is built on the principle of MVC, supports multi-shop. Also, OpenCart boasts of its huge community, thanks to which OpenCart actively develops, and it constantly gets better.


  •  The engine is written in PHP and the basis is used

the CodeIgniter framework;

  •  CMS is SEO-friendly, which means that the promotion of the site on

its basis will be much simpler and search engines will be loyal to

to such a resource;

  •  there is built-in caching, and the ability to install modules

directly from the administrative part;

  • good optimization of code and queries to the database, which reduces

requirements for hosting and the load created by the site.


UMI.CMS is convenient for the end user – anyone who does not have special knowledge and skills can easily and comfortably manage their site.

UMI.CMS combines maximum flexibility for the web developer and unlimited possibilities for extensibility for the tasks of a particular project.

Wide functionality UMI.CMS allows you to create a site of any complexity, the system does not impose restrictions on the design of the site.


Cascading style sheets allow you to change the appearance of the site in a flash, and you do not need to do it separately for each page – all changes relate to the entire site. Tens of thousands of themes will help you decide on the design of the site, and the installation of themes – the simplest, as well as the plug-ins – just simply upload a new topic to the server – and WordPress itself will unpack it, install it and launch it, without forgetting to show you beforehand how your site will look like. Ready-made scripts and a set of widgets will greatly enhance the capabilities of your site. The admin panel is built on an intuitive level. So, for example, to install a new widget, just have them ready-made set of widgets just drag the mouse you need to the place where you want it to be.


  • High level of SEO optimization
  • Unlimited number of pages with products and categories
  • Platform Reliability
  • Template Adaptability
  • A large number of extensions


 A plugin that can compete with WooCommerce and other popular solutions in this niche.

WP Shop

The functionality of this plugin is more than sufficient to create your online store on WordPress from scratch.

Self-written Solutions


1) Good adaptation for every single site, taking into account the necessary functions.

2) Faster site operation, due to the lack of additional modules that exist in each CMS and which create an additional load on the server.

3) A higher degree of security, which is developed for a particular site. As you know, any CMS is often hacked, because the security system is standard for all sites.

Winning the Self-written Solutions

We believe that it’s the best to have self-identified sites. If you want 5+ for all of categories, then this method is for you.

The motto of this system is: Increased security, clear functionality and originality.

Competition? No, We have not heard

Competition in Internet trading is already in all niches, budgets limited, buyers have grown wiser. Now, to survive and thrive, you need to clearly monitor all the processes of the online store, understand, the right way you move and, in case of what, quickly decide on what needs to change.

If all the shops that run on the Internet every month were successful – we would have in every regional center had its own small Wall Street. Unrelenting statistics indicate that at best 10% will survive. Your goal is not to be on the list of the remaining 90%.

VRGsoft will help you become a successful online store, all you need is to contact us. We will make you not among the successful 10%, but we will make you an individual.

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