Uber : Change your Thought about Taxi

Today, we all use the technologies that surround us every day. All these benefits of civilization are being improved every day and everything for our comfort.

As it is not strange, but we again return to writing. Before it was easier for us to communicate by phone to resolve any questions, well, now we again switched to correspondence.

The era of instant messengers – welcome to the written world. In every sphere of our life, we use this opportunity. It’s much easier for us to write than say, and why? This saves our time!

Today we will look at an application like Uber. We all know about it and each of us used it at least once.

What is convenient in Uber?

The uber application is very convenient to use. This new era of transport order for yourself. You do not need to call the taxi service anymore, wait for the dispatcher’s response and then get a refusal from the transportation.

Everything is much simpler here. The application uses your geolocation data, you do not need to tell your location, everything is simple. In the application, you specify the endpoint where you need to go.

More recently, Uber has made it possible to correspond with the driver who serves you. It is very convenient! So you can describe your location in more detail or ask any other questions.

Payment for the service has 2 types, which is very nice: cash or payment by card.

But Uber went even further!

They launched a new application already for truckers Uber Freight.

How does Uber Freight work?

About Uber Freight it became known in early May: then the founder of the company Travis Kalanik for the first time published a photo of a truck with a Freight sticker. There were speculations that the company itself would even buy a fleet of cars and would work with them. But Kalanik did not do this: Freight –  is a platform for communication drivers and those who need to send the goods.

The Freight application resembles the standard Uber application. The driver selects the order that suits him, sees point A and B, the cost and the approximate delivery time. The driver takes the order and transports it, after which it receives payment within 3-4 days. According to representatives of Uber, this is one of the advantages of the platform for drivers: usually, payment takes place within 30 days, and sometimes even longer. If the customer does not pay the money on time, Uber compensates “out of itself”.

According to representatives of Uber, the Freight service will eliminate unnecessary intermediaries on phones that called drivers and customers, connected them with each other and performed many other functions. Now all this can do within the same application. While it is available only in the US.

So, soon such applications as Uber completely eclipse the entire logistics market.

All for convenience, all to save time!

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