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 Information technology is developing at an incredible rate. Today, anyone who has a smartphone can plunge into a virtual world that will allow you to experience the personal effect in a three-dimensional world. For this, at a minimum, you need to purchase a special device-points of virtual reality. It can be a helmet, or a special gadget designed for certain types of smartphones.

How it works?

The phone downloads apps from Google Play or the App Store, many of which are free. You may also need to install a special program to turn your smartphone into a full VR-device. If necessary, you can connect a console or joystick to the smartphone via Bluetooth. After you put on your glasses, watching a video or participating in a game takes place in three-dimensional space.

In which business areas can you use virtual reality glasses?

We used to think of VR as entertainment – minds come video games and movies with virtual reality. But VR-technologies can be successfully used in business: for example, to offer an expensive car for a test drive or to conduct a virtual tour of a new building in Texas to a potential client from Washington. How to use VR technology and who needs it?

Now there are three main lines for application of VR technologies in business.

  1. Demonstration of VR-technologies in ATL- or digital-advertising. Relatively little is used, mainly to demonstrate the “innovation” of the product or business. Another scheme of use is conversion to an offline visit to the office, attracting customers to get the VR experience offline.
  2. BTL communications and direct sales. It is widely used in various businesses for demonstration of the product at exhibitions, sales offices and other passable places.
  3. Communication within the business. It is widely used for joint design, other remote interaction, training of specialists, repair and maintenance of equipment and other tasks. This is an extremely promising area of application because of the relative cheapness of VR-devices in comparison with specialized training stands and, in general, in the context of business costs for these tasks.

Where can you use these glasses?

Industry Advertising BTL and sales Business-communications
Oil production           — Demonstrations for investors and GR Design,

digital counterparts of technological chains

Industry        — Demonstration of equipment at exhibitions and negotiations
Automotive production “Take a test drive right now,” direct advertising Activation on model presentations, test drive from the dealer
Property “Look at the apartment in the sales office”, direct advertising Showrooms with real estate at trade fairs and sales offices Decision making in design and construction
Tourism “Look at the hotel in the sales office”, direct advertising Showrooms with viewing of hotels and attractions in destinations                       ?
Construction and repair “Create your own kitchen with the help of a manager”, direct advertising Showrooms with selection and viewing of materials and furniture Formation of order-order, transfer to production, instructions for assembling furniture, installing equipment and repairing
Retail Direct advertising for offline stores or products Space for fantasy is basically gaming and entertaining promotional activation using the product Training merchandisers, visual instructions for the laying out of goods, designing behavior of customers in stores, etc.


Online broadcasts of fashion shows, sports and entertainment events (including paid ones) or showing in a record for bringing in offline
Activation in shops and museums of clubs. “Feel yourself in the arena of your favorite club, buy more merchandise.” Training of athletes
Entertainment The choice of seats in the halls (“How will I see the scene?”), VR-teasers of events in BTL-activations Planning and designing spaces and shows, rehearsals
Medicine and beauty                         ?                   ? Practice for training physicians and staff
Finance     —          — Jobs for analysts and traders, data visualization

Our company VRGsoft has long been interested in developing such projects. We created special mobile applications that can be used with virtual reality glasses – VR guide and VR real estate.

VR guide is very easy to use. You can see what is in the cafe or restaurant without leaving home, which is very convenient. Wearing glasses virtual reality, you can walk through the institution.
You can also assemble the work schedule.

VR real estate is convenient for realtors. In this application, the particular realtor can store all the variants of the premises. There is the possibility of putting on glasses of a virtual reality and walking through an apartment or any other room that will help the client make his choice faster. In the consumer world it is a useful function that saves time of busy people and does not distract them from important affairs.

VR real estate is a very cool option for the buyer as well. This is your personal assistant in the choice of an apartment. With this application, you can easily find the cozy place for yourself. It is incredibly comfortable, takes a minimum of time and effort.
This is an innovative technology that allows you to look at real estate while being at any place in the world.

So, VR real estate is something new! This is an interesting solution that helps you make the right choice.
All you need is just to turn the phone and look, which is quite entertaining.
Remember, if you need to make an important choice – VR real estate will help you, do not hesitate! Download our app and enjoy!

All the details you can find by clicking here and here.


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