Kotlin, PHP


Project Manager – 1
Android Developer -1
PHP Developer – 1
UI/UX designer - 1
QA engineer - 1


1,5 months

Support - ongoing

The Idea

Have you ever thought to go on a trip by car, but because of the long road you were afraid to fall asleep while driving, or just the cost of gasoline takes too much from your budget? In order to resolve these issues, we have come up with the Companion application idea, which helps you to find fellow travelers and makes your travels easier and safer - not only long distances, but also short ones.

The Approach

VRG Soft offers a wide functionality: search for fellow travelers along the route, registering a user as a fellow traveller or driver, tracking the movement along the route, light signal, trip history, rating drivers and passengers, GPS navigation along the entire route,and a notification system to keep updated.

The Solution

You no longer need to spend a huge amount of money on the taxi. No need to crowd in public transport. You just get a mutual benefit and comfortably travel from point A to point B.

The Result

Spending less time on the road means having more energy and free hours to spend it the way you want. And saved money will make you feel better.


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