It is a claim to fame of the client application and is built in such a way as to create it as attractive and convenient for optimizing its interaction with the user.

Many companies of the UI/UX Design remain in the format: the choice of color and font. While our approach to design is the expansion of the framework and the search for a new. We take into account all requirements and work with the client directly, that the product was the most associated with the brand. We take care of the final product that your customers will use. First of all, we set our developers the task of creating a friendly user interface. However, this is not always such a simple task as it may seem at first glance, and sometimes requires not a small design experience. The main requirements here are convenience, practicality and intuitive understandability. Our specialists understand both UI design and UX design.

UX Design

The main issues that are solved due to UX design:

User experience - is also an important element of the product and includes such UX-components: information architecture, interaction design, graphic design and content.

– Setting goals and objectives – which in the end do we need to achieve?
– Selection of suitable UX tools for the implementation of goals;
– Development of a product that is as user-friendly and easy-to-reach as the target audience;
– The analysis of the final result – whether the product meets the expectations of the customer and how high the level of user satisfaction.

We do not want your project to look like many projects on the Internet: a beautiful interface that can not be used. We will make a nice interface that looks good. And most importantly it will be convenient to use them. As for web-site development, it will be adaptive for all screen sizes. As for mobile web development, it will be fixed to all platforms and device models.

UI Design

User interface – this is a narrower concept, which includes a certain set of graphically designed technical elements (buttons, selectors and other fields). The main task is to help the user in the organization of interaction with a web-site or mobile application.

To date, there are some rules for UI design:

– Organizationality of interface elements. This means that they must be logically structured and interrelated;
– Grouping of interface elements. It implies the integration into groups of logically related elements (menus, forms);
– Alignment of interface elements. It is difficult to imagine that a poorly aligned interface can be convenient for someone;
– A single style of interface elements. Style design plays an important role, because it is stored in the user’s memory.
– Availability of free space. This allows to delineate information blocks, focusing on one thing.

The user interface developed by all the rules significantly improves the resource efficiency and gives it competitive advantages. With the help of design, the program contacts the user. We guarantee that UI Design will be simple, concise and beautiful. Depending on the purpose of the project, our designer carefully chooses the color scheme of design. Because we believe that this is one of the main aspects of UI Design. We will provide user interaction with the application. Which will bring emotional pleasure, through to attractive design.


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