Google makes updates one after another. And Flutter has a lot of useful utilities for developers.

So, what is it?

Flutter is a young and very promising platform that is used by numerous IT companies so far. This platform is pretty simple and the work speed on a par with native ones.

It consist of two important parts:
- UI library (Framework): You may choose functional UI elements by yourself.
- Software Development Kit (SDK) : It`s a set of tools that are designed to help you develop your apps.

Why is choosing Flutter above other platforms so obvious?

At first, it is easy to learn.
Being a modern platform Flutter makes it much easier to create mobile apps.
If you've used React Native, Java or Swift, you probably found a slight difference.
It's that you can write a native app without a bunch of code.

And second, fast compilation.
Flutter allows you to improve the code and then check the results immediately. This is called Hot-Reload. It takes very little time to update the application itself. Some major modifications may have to restart the application, but if you're working as a designer, such as resizing elements, it's possible just in Hot-Reload mode!
Ideal for launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Thus, we can distinguish 4 major pros of using Flutter for your product:
1. Even one developer is able to create a MPV by himself using this platform.
2. It is hard to find differences between Flutter app and native one.
3. Mobile app developing with Flutter is cheaper than with any other
4. You can create an original user`s interface and Flutter widgets are easy in use.

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