Kotlin, Swift, PHP, Vue.JS


Project manager - 1
Android developer - 1
iOS developer - 1
UI/UX designer - 1
QA engineer - 1
PHP developer - 1
Content manager - 1


4 month
Support - ongoing

Our goal:

Preparing for the IELTS exam can be challenging; however, with our app, we hope to make it a more manageable and gratifying experience. At IELTS English Courses, we recognize how important a good IELTS score is to your education or job goals. That is why we created this app to provide users with all the tools and materials they need to succeed on the test.


The Approach

In IELTS English Courses, we took a comprehensive and targeted approach to assisting users in preparing for the IELTS exam by creating tests that resemble a real exam. This equips users with the tools and resources they require to pass the test.

The admin panel allows you to handle all the app's content, and the range of content variations allows you to add multiple kinds of questions.


The Solution

You can effortlessly browse around the app and access a wide assortment of practice materials thanks to our user-friendly layout. Our application contains practice exams as well as grammatical theory.

The Result

By using IELTS English Courses, users will significantly increase their performance and overall preparation for the IELTS exam. Our carefully chosen content, which includes sample tests and grammatical theory, will help learners become acquainted with the exam structure and increase their confidence. They'll learn crucial tactics and approaches for dealing with each type of question, resulting in improved time management and higher accuracy.



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