Swift, Twilio API, Alamofire, Fabric, Crashlytics


Project Manager - 1
iOS developer - 2
PHP - 1
UI/UX designer - 1
QA engineer - 1


1 year
Support - ongoing

The Idea

The idea is to get a second phone number for making calls and texting. Instant and cheap 2nd phone line, without needing a new sim card. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a second phone number!

The Approach

UI: native tap bar with access to the contacts. You can create and add contacts, forward calls to the voicemail, call and text within the subscription, add minutes/sms if you exceed your limit.

Having developed the design and started the development, iOS 13 was launched. The transition mechanism changed here, and the old design was not fit in the app. Redesign was made. Now it is minimalistic and has beautiful graphic animations.

The Solution

Before there was a difficulty: buying the number to add minutes you had to buy credits (in-app currency),and it led to lots of steps. Now you have a subscription for a week, month, 3 months (can differ according to country.) And you can add minutes/sms directly from the App Store, based on your Apple ID.

Taking all into account, usability is more simple and user-friendly now.

The Result

We have done the iOS app and the unit testing. Being highly satisfied with our work, client ordered analytics from our company.

Second Phone number is a great quality app for those who can’t text and need to call urgently, you will never lose your number anymore.


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