After creating an application for you, you obviously want to monetize it. And we will bring the idea of the client to implementation in a timely manner.

What is it for? In order for your application to download a lot of different users, it should be visible on Google Play and the App Store. The majority of users install applications, seeing them in the first positions in categories or searching for a store. To do this, they came up with the wording of web-marketing.

We are a web and mobile development company and a web marketing company. We provide web marketing services and take into account the specifics of your project and the end users. We have working web marketing strategies, which always works. But we will make adjustments, based on your project, which will only improve it. Our team will find a solution to the daily problems of the project. Also, the project will coordinate the overall goal, the path to it and the speed of movement.

Usually, we go one way when you order an application from us:

We create prototype and development products. At the creation stage, we take into account the features of marketing. It is important to initially introduce functional, which in the future will increase the commercial effectiveness of the application.

We prepare the product for release. For the application, it is very important, what coverage and popularity it will receive in the first days after the release on the trading floor. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct preliminary preparation for its promotion – to do ASO-optimization, to prepare sites for promotion, press releases for the media, to set up advertising campaigns.

We release the application to the trading platforms in the release. At the time of publication of the application, the main pool of work is launched to promote the application in the TOP of the marketplace. This includes methods to increase the number of downloads and work with reviews.

Advertising application. The application requires advertising support not only at the stage of its publication but also for the rest of the time. With the help of various channels of Internet marketing, new users of the application are attracted – at a cost-effective price for you.

Your unique product will be offered to the target audience: “SMM is our everything!”.

To promote mobile applications, we use tools:

– Optimize the application for the AppStore, Play Market;
– Publication of materials in the media;
– Contextual advertising (Google AdWords, etc.);
– Advertising in social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.);
– Advertising in other applications.

A separate tool for promoting the application is paid downloads (motivated traffic) when you pay people for installations.

Usually, the main task of promotion is the output of the application in the TOP of Google Play or Apple App Store and the creation of a positive rating with good ratings and reviews. And after getting into the TOP you will attract already real users in a much larger volume.

And we will provide a quality contextual promotion. Thanks to which, you will get a large audience and the possible re-publications. Promotion in social networks will increase the recognition of your brand, will gain the future target audience, will increase interest in your product.

We will ensure the maintenance of the product and promotion it in open markets, such as the App Store and Google Play.

VRG Soft is the company that will help you find the right people at the right time and deliver their services to potential consumers.


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