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Mobile application – is the development of the future. Even if it did not fire immediately, it is likely to become profitable over time.

VRG Soft is a mobile development company. We exist on the market for five years now. During this time, we have developed more than 50 fully functional applications, which are available for millions of users. Clients turn to us for the automation of their business and ideas implementation.

We are ios apps development and android apps development, using the best tools and methods. We guarantee, that your APP will correspond to the cited requirements and we will provide support for your APP in the future.

We will go with you through all the stages of the life cycle creating mobile application. The main thing for you is this understanding of “why do you need a mobile application?” and also to answer a number of questions:

  • Does your target audience use mobile applications?
  • If so, how active?
  • What goals do you want to achieve with the application: to attract customers and to bring to them any information or something else?
  • What will the clients who installed your application receive?

And then it’s a little thing, at first you’ll have to decide which application you want: ios application or android application, and maybe both at once. Then, we develop the functional, you approve it, and we make the final version. We know how to develop a mobile application in a way that is valuable to customers. Everything here depends on the sphere in which your company operates. In our company, always for the main rule is communication and work directly with the client. It’s the only way we can achieve the desired result. Together, we will definitely determine which functions the application should perform.

Use mobile applications as a business – an excellent solution. Especially if you a progressive company with a product that you want and need to share with the community.

For five years we developed the smooth working system:

  • Communication with customers. Discussion of the project  details (clarification of the features of future development, identification of the target audience, discussion of all options);
  • UI/UX Design (discussion of the appearance: how the screens in the application, menus, and buttons will look);
  • To come up with fresh solutions and pick up the best one (after that the customer makes corrections if it necessary, and then the design of all screens is worked out);
  • Code execution (development of a test version of the application);
  • Testing and application setup (eliminating bugs and improving work);
  • Presentation of the completed products (presentation of the finished product).

The price of the project will depend on the required time for the project and the complexity of the application itself.

Contact our company and we will develop the best solution to satisfy your desires. We will build a better strategy for promoting Android applications and IOS applications. After all, it’s not enough to just create and add apps to the iOS App Store or to the Google Play Store. It is necessary to beat out to application “a place under the sun”. And here the obligatory condition is competent advertising and promotion. With what our company and will help you further. Our goal is to create an application for you that will please you.

Qualitative and affordable development of mobile applications is what will make business more successful!