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ANDROID development

We at VRG Soft have a strong team of Android engineers. We offer you a high-quality Android app development of any complexity.Our team provides a professional project delivery from its beginning to the launch.

IOS development

VRG Soft builds and launches fully native iOS mobile applications. Our team is experienced in top-notch iOS app development. Our engineers always stay updated to the newest trend of the worldwide mobile industry. Contact us to know how we create iOS apps.

ANDROID development

We at VRG Soft have a strong team of Android engineers. We offer you a high-quality Android app development of any complexity.Our team provides a professional project delivery from its beginning to the launch.

VRG Soft is a team of professional and high-skilled application development specialists. We offer our clients a large spectre of development services that cover the whole lifecycle of any iOS or Android project. We can handle the project of any stage and complexity from the first concept to polished product. Our purpose is creating applications that could compete on the market of mobile technologies.

Our engineers are highly-skilled and beg for some challenges. That’s why project complexity makes no matter for us, we can perform any task our client wants. They are fully qualified in all aspects in the development field of a great

Our approach

As mobile development is a complex task, we at VRG Soft got used to divide it on some stages. So let us introduce the main ones:
- Prototyping. It allows our team to fully understand and visualize the future application as well as match the ideas with customer’s business processes.
- UI/UX. Attractive and user-friendly iOS and Android design, that’s what makes an application great.
- Development. Our core criterions are high performance, easier access, better security.
- Quality Assurance. The key part of the cycle both from developers and customers point of view.

We have an experience in creating application for large type business

There is no need to explain that mobile world expansion goes on with increasing tempo. Mobility spreads its’ hands on all the aspects of our everyday life. That’s why having an application for your business is no more an exclusive but a necessity. And no matter what business do you have: a huge real-estate corporation or a little corner flower shop.

Such huge demand led to a splash. Mobile market has grown exponentially in the past few years. As a result, now we have an application for any trouble and both iOS and Android users. There is a huge variety of them so let’s have a look at some the most popular ones.

Business apps are the most demanded among enterprises of all sizes. Mobile app is the easiest way to engage with your customers as well as attract new ones. Now you can cover a lot of processes with no cost: offering discounts, promote your new products, calculate market requirements and so on.

Everything thanks to one well-made application.

With the release of Apple Watch in 2015, the huge boom of fitness applications took place. They are usually divided on three types: activity trackers, nutrition calculators and workout applications.

One of the most popular now is music application development. Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora… all these products take top places in app stores and things are not to get different. Now we have streaming apps, music players, mobile digital audio workstations and so on.

Travel app development. They can widespread the experience users feel while travelling. These products can perform a lot of things: travel planning, booking, recommendations, navigation and even buying tickets. Travel application development is the top feature of 2018.

Education development is one the most demanded brunch. Schools and universities implement mobile technologies more and more. That’s why classroom, exam, courseware apps gain huge revenues even staying free. A lot of Android and otherwise development companies now come to creating educational apps for their regions.

Taking photos is an important part of the modern culture. Photo and video apps like Instagram, VSCO, Meitu and other gain tons of profit. Despite the fact mobile phone cameras stand down before professional devices, technologies grow and soon we’ll the the ultimate photo app on Android and iOS.

Retail and m-commerce apps are now the easiest way to promote your product and engage with the audience. Choosing and app development company for your retail business is the core part of increasing your profits. Development of a great m-commerce products requires a great user-friendly design to make customers spend less time ordering their favourite goods.

Mobile application and web project developing process

We are VRG Soft – the Ukraine-based IT company that develops great products with passion

So why you should choose VRG Soft app development studio for your app development? The answer is easy: we are passionate to create the best products and we totally love it. Our experience is measured by a lot of great functioning and well-designed applications and that’s what we’re proud of.

Years of work with Apple devices and phones on Android allowed us to create an almost universal formula for all kinds of projects. Our approach helps our clients to reach their business goals and increase their revenue with VRG Soft-made app. So let’s have a look at how we work. We’ll guide you through all stages of how a good app studio performs its tasks.

Our formula

Preparations. Despite there’s still no mobile coding on this stage, it’s crucial for the further process. In VRG it’s indispensable to start the app without thorough preparations. Here we have the primary market and competitors research, analysing the best ways of implementing the core features, scheduling the project according to our best Agile practices. As the result, both the team and the clients has a clear understanding of the future project, everything transparent and taken into account.

Design. When it comes to creating an application, design is one of the most influential aspects along with coding features and server part. In 2018 designing the application is not only about picking right colours and drawing attractive icons but also a colossal work of making it functional and convenient for the final user. Design on Android and Apple mobile devices differs to much today. At VRG Soft we consider all screen sizes, resolutions and OS aspects (especially true for Android) to create both fine looking and user-friendly things.

Development. The main part of the whole process. It’s the most labour and time-consuming stage so our engineers apply all their forces to create a top-notch functionality according to the design. Android development is also different from the iOS one, so we take it into account. Our project managers keep the constant connection with the client so he ensures that everything goes well. They also take on board every change or additional feature client wants to see in his application. Modern Agile methodologies in mobile development allow us to schedule our workflow in the way to be flexible and scalable.

Firstly, we deliver a so called MVP which is a minimum viable product so our client could see the implementation of the core features and how they fit business goals. Then we start polishing the application and code additional functionality.

QA & Testing. Our testing department works hard to scan every little function of the mobile app to ensure post-release bugs in our products are nonsense. They perform both manual and software tests and the client is also welcomed to take part in it to see everything with his own eyes.

Summarizing everything above-mentioned, we at VRG Soft app development studio just love our work and mobile products we deliver. If you still have some questions, you can contact us and our managers will dispel all your uncertainties.


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