Kotlin, Swift, GO


Project Manager - 1
Android developer - 2
IOS developer - 2
UI/UX designer - 1
QA engineer - 1


1 Month

Support – Ongoing

The Idea

Multiplex is an application for the biggest cinema chain in Ukraine.
In Ukraine more than 50 % of tickets sale is done through the mobile app. We thought: how to make the movie ticket buying as simple as answer to the message or taxi request? And the idea of renewing Multiplex app was created.

Our cinema app has a lot of advantages:
- Shortens the queue to the ticket offices and excludes the human factor (There are cinemas without cashiers in Kyiv now)
- Gives a possibility to sell popcorn and other bar production in the app (reduces the level of possible fraud from the employees)
- Possibility to buy electronic movie tickets, which substantially saves money on consumables. reduces the time of users in queues, which positively impacts on the clients’ loyalty.

The Approach

Before we started working on Multiplex app, it had an unfriendly design and a lot of crash errors.

"What superhero are you?" , "Your cinema year" are the features that our team developed and it was loved by thousands of users.

After our collaboration: re-design, development and quality assurance it became the most popular cinema app in Ukraine!

The Solution

You can view the cinema schedules, buy electronic movie tickets and store them on your phone via this application. Also, you can easily find out about new promotions and special offers of the Multiplex cinema network, and get acquainted with the announcements of the upcoming premieres or the release date of the expected film.

The Result

At Google Play - rating of Multiplex Android app rose from 3,8 to 4,7 now. At App Store - the iOS app regularly is TOP-rated at the category of Entertainment. VRG Soft loves creative and challenging projects.


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