The backend of our product builds with good old PHP. Despite that the era of popularity this language is gone. It continues to actively develop and has a huge professional community. Majority standard backend tasks can be solved by using PHP. The are many ready-made solutions, and most importantly is support of modern technologies.

At the moment, a huge number of famous CMS is realized with PHP: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, MODx. The commercial CMS realized the same way: Bitrix, Netcat, UMI.CMS.

We choose Yii2 framework when projecting to improve productivity. Because, it faster then else PHP frameworks. And by the principle of Don’t-Repeat-Yourself, the basis for the code will be clean and logical. Through its unicum, Yii2 is involved at all types of web-applications and major projects: applications, online shops, forums, portales and else.

VRG Soft coders are masterful masters PHP and write the Clean code. And they will improve their skills along with the development of PHP.

So you can not afraid about the quality. What matters is: not with, but how!


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