Our VRG Soft company uses Python for writing: modules, web-development, system administration, built-in software development system and etc. One of the most advantages of Python it is: cross-platform, reliability and security in many projects, especially in relation to networks.

Using the Django as the basic structure, we develop the projects any scale and any complexity. For example our Android and iOS applications.

Python for Android allows creating various applications with a minimum of costs.

Our developers know the principle of development on Python. Thanks for that, they don’t involve into details and nuances again. And use the working system and spend time on development.

Usually, Python isn’t the language for mobile-development, but is more often used in web-development. But we know, how to optimize everything. Also, Python has many libraries, easy to read syntax and clean code.

We guarantee, that your applications will work on all types of device equally.


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