It often happens in life that not everything goes as planned.

If we took every wrong decision we made as a bug, rather than believing that everything not done is for the best, then everyone would have a perfect life. But imagine how many bugs we have to eliminate, how many decisions we have to make to have that perfect life. That would be easier if someone found and fixed every wrong decision we made instead of us, so everything that left is enjoying life.
That's why testing exists.

To be more specific, QA (Quality Assurance) is the evaluation of a particular software system. It helps to identify the differences between the actual state of the system, the business requirements and the expected behavior and provides security of the system.

Moreover, testing software is worthwhile for a number of other reasons:
- Testing allows you to check if all the requirements for the software are developed.
- Testing also demonstrates that the created software works in accordance with the specifications and meets certain performance requirements.
- Testing ensures that the product can perform as intended and as desired.
- In fact, testing saves software development time by revealing problems and bottlenecks in the early stages of development.

People are used to making mistakes, human errors can lead to software failures at all stages, and the consequences can be catastrophic.

That is why VRG soft company is ready to help you prevent any disaster of this kind - we write test plans, test cases, do full regression to all kinds of apps and websites.


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