We are not only mobile development company but also web development company. We create websites, web services and online stores. A good site – is the solution to business problems. A literate store – is an excellent platform for productive sales. Everything will be focused on working with your customers. We try to combine the latest world trends in web-development with already proven techniques . In our projects, we use only popular and modern CMS-systems. Developing sites, our main goal is to find effective and successful solution of our customers tasks .

How are the stages of work with web-site development:

Collection and analysis of information. At this point, web-site development needs to collect as much detailed information as what is need for your web site, and what is not needed for your web site. Therefore, we analyze the web-site that you like, as well as the websites of your competitors. And also you need to know the answers to the following questions:

– What is your site for? What services do you provide?
– What is your main goal?
– What customers do you need? And what are the characteristics of my audience?
– Will the service or information be of interest to your target audience?

Planning. In this paragraph you need to perform the following actions:

– Creating a site map;
– Choice of technology;
– Determine the supported permissions;
– Creating a layout;
– Content planning.

Development of web-site design. Development of the main page and subsequent pages of the web-site. The ability to use the visual layout of pages with real content and photos and logos of your company, executed in the company’s color scheme, will allow us to realize your vision of your own website. Use this step to make the necessary changes. We will provide for you with layouts and prototypes for approval at different stages of work for approval. At later stages, making changes will require a lot of effort and effort, so carefully weigh everything at this stage;

Web-site development and web-site debugging. After the creation and approval of the design, you can proceed with the actual web-site development. Our developer will create a fully functional version of the site based on various graphic elements agreed at the level of prototypes. At this stage, interactive elements – forms, flash-animation and functionality of the shopping basket – will also be realized. At this stage, you can make minimal changes and changes;

Testing, delivery and launch. The web developer will test the web-site. In addition, the developer verify the compliance of the program code with modern standards. After the final approval of the project, the files will be uploaded to your servers and the web-site will be launched;

Service. As in the case with a physical building, you will need to monitor the security of your site and maintain its operation at an optimal level.

We are ready to support the existing site, as well as start from scratch. We build a backend on PHP, GO, Phyton, given the latest trends. This means that you should not worry about the quality of the future product.

Our company is ready to adapt to your project management procedures as needed.


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