PHP, HTML, CSS, Android, iOS


Project manager - 1
UI/UX designer - 1
Android developer - 3
iOS developer - 3
PHP developer - 2
Frontend developer - 2
QA engineer - 2


3 years

The Idea

WellCRM is designed to be a complex system which provides access to all main gym facilities. The system includes: an application for an administrator, consultant, coach, client, a tablet for the gym.

Due to the CRM system, consultants make fewer mistakes in customer records, notifications and service display list. For administrators it becomes easier to manage the company: less time for control and more resources to develop the business. For coaches - the schedule control and training for each client.

And clients can keep track of the schedule, receive quick access to training records and history, all information about the club card etc.

The Approach

All functionality is performed on Android and iOS apps (per tablet and phone) for a client and coach/trainer. Also, there is a tablet in the gym for control of every training.

System has logins for different types of users: admin, consultant, club, coach, client.
“Main page” displays events in the club in real time.
“Club” includes basic information about the club, services and staff.
“Analytics” is a detailed report on all club services.

Well CRM interact with different kinds of visitors, such as:
- clients - a detailed data about the client, his preferences, activity in the club.
- guests - a detailed information about the interaction of the consultant with the guest (trial training, massage, etc.)
- schedule - information about group trainings, club work etc.

The Solution

Well CRM includes:
- Working with guests Schedule appointments, schedule calls. Guest status is always available, it is possible to see if he is interested in the club's offer. It is possible to automatically transfer the guest to clients, where there is no need to fill in all the data again. The list of all events is saved, it is always possible to view the activity with this guest.

- Working with clients
When a customer calls, CRM prompts you to open their card, and you immediately greet them by name. CRM will send the client a notification about the order status and remind them of the meeting.

Club tablet for gym
For the coach:
- notes that training has begun
- sets up music on youtube
Also, there are quick access buttons: call a doctor, call a cleaner.

For the client:
- marking the arrival at the gym using the QR code
- possibility to see which coach is on duty in the gym (there is a photo with full name)

Application for client
All group and personal trainings and records in 1 application. Promotions and news can be viewed in real time.

Application for coach
The coach has access to his schedule, personal trainings, and a list of clients.

The Result

WellCRM system is very comfortable for all users: from consultant to client. It helps to automate the maximum number of processes in the fitness studio, establishing the effective interaction between all departments within the company. This allows free up time for business development, and not for solving routine tasks.


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