So what goes into creating a outstanding mobile app?

The solution to this can be rather simple: Good mobile app is one that totally satisfies the end-user customer’s needs and does so fast and productively. The app can do just one thing but does it extremely well.

Success of Mobile App is not a one-step but complex process. More often than not, businesses strive over time to enhance their mobile app to better fit the needs of their customers and reach success.

VRG Soft views oneself not only as a service company but also as a product one. In parallel with commercial projects, VRG team has already created around 24 own Apps. Without investing any dollar into projects, the company appeared in TOP 5/10/100 in App Store and Google Play.

According to the, the products of VRG Soft belong to 5% of the companies which has the highest rate of downloads on Google Play and App Store. But it’s easy to assume that user acquisition is the central metric for concluding mobile app success, but without active users, high download rates mean nothing. Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention are two metrics that provide genuine insight into the success of an application. VRG Soft is thinking about its app engagement and retention strategy long before the launch. We test the product correctly before shipping and ensure there are no significant issues; track both front-end and back-end functionality to get a thorough understanding of how well the app is performing. So proud to say that retention rate of our products is 62%, that means that over a half of users who download our apps use them not only first day and then delete but have it at hand for months. In addition, we obtain 80% of organic traffic – no driven up members. Let’s review one of our products:


The app was invented for cooking lovers. Smachno contains thousands of recipes for any taste. One of the features which make this app different from others is that after choosing a lovely recipe, you don’t need to take a piece of paper to write down all necessary products to buy, you just need to click “Add to the list of purchases” and all needed ingredients are already on the list.

The app was launched in June 2018 and already after a month got on the TOP-5 among the Apps which are gaining popularity on Play Market.

Smachno got over 10k of downloads, its popularity spread out not only in Ukraine but also in many other foreign countries.

Average rating is 4.8

These metrics which we perform on our own products say that we provide a quality and effective way of development. There are all necessary specialists in our company to bring a one-stop solution for our clients. Unlike many other teams, we create Mobile Apps for both platforms Android and IOs using high-end technologies and uptodate programming languages. Moreover, we follow best Agile practices to run projects in an appropriate way.

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