The Latest Achievements of VRG Soft

Technologies do not stand still and every day brings new innovations. Our team has just got one more reason to be proud of our work! Recently, in our city a wifi tree was placed which our team is directly related to.

At first glance, nothing is advantageous. However, this is not just a construction that allows you to connect to the Internet and read news, but you can also charge your phone and stock up some unusual photos for your social accounts.

A smart tree is a construction that works like a flashlight, phone charge, simultaneously transmits wi-fi and will be equipped with a SOS button. When this button is pressed, the sound and light sirens are activated and a call to the police is made.The tree is designed for several simultaneous connections to allow every resident of the city enjoy free Internet.

VRG Soft worked on the interface and back end part of the project. In addition to connecting to the network, the application allows you to read the latest news about the city life, check the schedule in cinemas, open the map and make a selfie. The data is hyper local, high-quality and real-time.

Such trees can be found in other European countries and USA. Some of them work on solar panels, which significantly preserves the ecology. Also, often such wifi constructions can look like nest boxes, benches or bus stops to brighten up the waiting for transport and make this process less dull.

wifi tree in Lisabon

(wifi tree in Lisabon)

wifi solar tree in Timisoara(wifi solar tree in Timisoara)

wifi nest box in Amsterdam

(wifi nest box in Amsterdam)

(wifi bench in London)

(wifi bus stop in New York)

We hope that the infrastructure of our city will go on developing and even more useful facilities will appear in the city, with which VRG Soft will help to be born.

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