VRG Featured in Clutch’s Press Release

As a company that was only started in 2016, we have worked incredibly hard to climb our way up the rankings in the software engineering industry. What separates us from the competition is our dedication towards our own team along with all of our clients. To have a successful organization, everyone has to be on the same page at all times in order to work effectively and that is exactly what we have here at VRG Soft.

Due to our constant drive to be the best company we can possibly be, we have been named as a Top Ukrainian App Developer by Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C. Clutch conducts verified reviews for thousands of companies around the world by interviewing past and current clients as well as by using an unbiased scoring system that judges based on characteristics such as market presence and industry recognition.

One of our clients, the head of the marketing department at a jewelry manufacturing firm, had this to say about us:

“The collaboration with their team has been very comfortable. The communication was simple; they understood what I, and our customers, wanted.”

Another one of our clients, the owner of a social media application company, said this:

“VRG Soft has a very reactive and fast team. They’ve always been willing to go the extra mile. Even if we were unclear in our descriptions, VRG Soft consulted us on any issue that may not have made sense for the app.”

We know that success comes from a strong team, cooperation, and constant innovation to stay on top of the market. We know what it takes to be the best and because of this consistent hard work, we have also been named as a Top 10 App Developer in Ukraine by Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest. We are proud of these accomplishments and plan to continue working hard in order to stay successful.

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