Why your insurance company needs a mobile app?

Only five insurance companies from the ten largest, have their own mobile applications. This is explained by the fact that people rarely need mobile services of insurers: you can buy insurance on the company’s website, and cases when a person needs help come relatively rarely.

Many large insurers still continue to sell their products with the help of agents, despite the fact that remote service delivery is less expensive for the companies themselves and more convenient for customers. On the other hand, banks switched to remote electronic support of customers a long time ago.

So let’s see what possibilities can app provide to insurance agencies today?

Applications for insurance companies began to appear in early 2010. Insurers themselves admit that they developed mobile services more under the influence of marketing directors, trying to keep up with competitors.

What were the reached curiosities? One insurance company launched a mobile application for full insurance services, with which the client can send information about the accident directly from the scene, indicate in the template of a special form the damaged parts of the car and so on. A few days later, the company began to receive data from customers through a mobile application, and managers were with folded hands. The fact is that they did not fully understand how to receive and process this information. Now applications through mobile apps no longer lead anyone to confusion.

For insurance companies, mobile applications are relatively new, but very promising channel for targeted communication with the customer. With the help of such programs, the insurer can direct individually selected information to consumers, for example, about stocks or new insurance programs. This approach makes it possible not to overload insurers with information, but at the same time to build individual communication strategies. From a marketing point of view, mobile applications allow you to pinpoint customer preferences and offer products that are interesting to a particular consumer. Opportunities for additional sales in this case increase many times.

Mobile applications are becoming a real trend in the insurance industry, so there is no doubt that insurance companies will continue to fill their applications with new and new options.

Of course, the most functional mobile applications provide customers with “motor” programs. Car owners can remotely declare an insurance case by sending the information about accidents and damage to the car to the insurer. The program will determine the coordinates of the location of the insured event using GPS and give the insurer a complete picture of the event. In addition, users have access to other convenient features:

– An advance reminder of the end of the insurance program.
– Storage of all data on policies in a single interface.
– Quick informing about advantageous conditions or options.

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