Material Design 2 on Mobile

When Material design debuted, everyone immediately takes it fancy. Over time, Google’s design had become obsolete. In February there were some rumors about Material Design 2, as the redesign of Material Design. Until recently, we could only guess, what will be the new design of MD2 and hence Android R. On April 7th, Google released the first preview of Android P, which you can already install and you can assure yourself, but on Google Pixel.

What are the innovations waiting for us on Android P?

The main motive that can be traced through the design is “white and round”. We can see white backgrounds with rounded corners and icons over the whole design of Android P, which do not resemble at all the previous design of MD.

Also, the design uses “Product Sans” font from Google, which was used earlier for Google logos. Font is distributed on whole OS: buttons, in notifications and dialog boxes, etc.

Also Android P contains many new animations. Basically, they are visible navigating on the screen, or from the application to the other one.

At first, the native support was notable for cutouts on the screen, that became one of the main trends after the release of Iphone X. The system automatically detects the presence of the cutout on the display and adjusts the user interface. For this, Google moved the clock to the left.


The next notice is the notification panel, in which the design was updated and the notification system was improved. The panel includes “Smart Answers”, but at the moment this function doesn’t work.

In addition, there are still small updates. For example, the volume slider, which now is placed from the right side, and below there is a loudness of the sound signal.

Also, there was changed the screen rotation function. Now when you hold your phone in landscape orientation, the relation icon appears on the navigation panel. Pressing it turns on the automatic rotation.

At the moment these are the most significant visual changes, but this is a debut version for developers. So we will keep tracking of further updates.

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