Content is one of the key components of any product

Modern companies often rely on integrated promotion: they place advertisements on offline and online resources, attract TV and radio, publish posts on blogs and social networks. This is a correct and logical approach, which, however, requires large financial investments. Startup business with a limited budget is not capable of such large-scale coverage and often focus only on Internet promotion. Against the background of many marketing options, they stop precisely on filling the site with useful content.

The reason for this decision is simple: without good texts, it is difficult for a business to reach the target audience. Want to run an ad campaign? Then you need a powerful slogan and a convincing message. Strive to increase the subscriber base and improve the ranking of the site? So you need useful articles and high-quality SEO texts. Would you like to inform potential clients about discounts on customer service and hot offers? Well, this requires an attractive ad. Even when creating videos, one cannot do without a previously prepared text, and in business communication – without a selling script.

When writing an article you should pay attention to:

The level of effectiveness of a site is determined by its content, but how to create content that will attract users and help bring the site to the top? There are certain requirements, compliance which will help to promote the site, make it more popular, as well as increase sales.

  1. The uniqueness of the texts

The text content must be unique. There are several free online services by which you can check the site for uniqueness – for example,,,, and many others. You should remember that uniqueness in itself does not yet guarantee quality. Sales can be increased by high-quality, interesting copyright texts that are easy to read and contain useful information.

  1. Informative

There are many superficial, empty articles on the Internet, from which the reader cannot gather any useful information. Do not continue to distribute such materials – they will not benefit the readers, and as a result – the sites. Content (and it’s not just text content) must be useful, informative and professionally prepared.

  1. Submission and design of content

A massive text block without chaptering, without illustrations and supporting materials is hard to read. The same applies to randomly placed audio and video content. A well-thought-out layout is very important – it helps to focus the reader’s attention on the main elements of the sites, to highlight the most important parts of it, which facilitates the perception of the web resource as a whole and increases customer loyalty.

Selling texts for B2B and B2C: what is the difference

b2b sites are designed entire companies could interact with each other, while b2c sites are targeted, on the contrary, at end customers. Accordingly, potential views of such sites will be completely different: in the first case they are, as a rule, representatives of top management or experts in a particular area, and in the second case they are ordinary consumers. Selling texts are needed in order to provoke the desire of potential buyers and clients to purchase the goods offered on the site or use the services offered. As a result, the differences between target audience of b2b and b2c sites also result in differences between selling texts for such sites. One of the main differences is the degree of emotions influence the decision to purchase. b2c websites offer products and services that consumers purchase for themselves, so in this case, the influence of emotions on the purchase decision is always very strong. But on the b2b websites, goods and services are purchased by decision makers at once for many users, and therefore the influence of emotions is minimal.

How can such a difference be used when writing sales texts for b2b and b2c sites? It is very simple: in the texts for b2c websites, you need to use evaluation words actively that will help to evoke the desired emotions in readers, and for texts intended for b2b websites, specific facts that prove the profitability and usefulness of the proposal for business are very important. Another difference between the target segmentation of the b2c and b2b websites is the speed at which a purchase decision is made: at websites for end users, a purchase can be made immediately, and at websites for business representatives, only after careful analysis of the proposed terms of the deal and, possibly, a preliminary meeting with the sales manager. In selling texts for websites, such a difference appears in calls to action: for b2c websites, calls to buy goods or order a service are suitable, and for b2b websites, more “careful” calls to action are needed, for example, calls to make a call, leave a request, specify a contact e-mail and others.

Finally, another key difference between target visitors for end customers and business representatives is a level of expertise of such visitors. So, if a targeted visitor of a b2c web page may not even understand the characteristics of the goods being purchased, then the target audience of b2b sites usually has at least a minimal idea of the features of the goods or services offered, since they often have to consider many similar offers from different companies in their search optimal option. When writing sales texts for websites, this distinction is used in the use of special terms when describing the characteristics of goods: for b2c such terms are not very important, but on b2b sites, they are used quite often, which helps the expert visitors to make decisions about interacting with the company faster.

Thus, emotionality, direct call to buy or order goods, as well as simplicity of presentation with minimum or moderate use of terms in the description of characteristics are main features of selling texts that are intended for b2c websites. Knowing such features, you can write selling texts for your type of site, and in the future, it will help to develop the site and increase its conversion efficiency.

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