Mobile Development Trends in 2020

Mobile Development Trends in 2020

Developing mobile applications nowadays is a growing and innovative sector. Billions of mobile applications are been downloaded, and their number increases each year. Technology advances every day, so businesses must develop a business strategy for the following years according to new trends. We can see them below:

 Trend #1 – Blockchain

 In 2019 blockchain technology was on the top – a lot of apps and software were produced with its help. In 2020 we will see the increase in demand for blockchain. 

It is estimated that by 2030 blockchain business value will be counted up to 3 billion dollars. 

Connecting with the Internet of Things, blockchain speeds up transactions in the applications, reduces risk, and decreases costs of the project.

Trend # 2 – VR and AR in mobile apps

Augmented reality and virtual reality are increasing their number of mobile apps every year. How does it work? VR/AR are ways to integrate the surrounding environment in the mobile app. 

For example, Pokemon Go was the game with augmented reality.

Pokemon Go has been reported to gain a revenue of $1.2 billion and 752 million downloads. This game became international – 5 million users played it all over the world.

Undoubtedly, VR technology was the reason for a great success of Pokemon Go. And now companies are going to increase their business revenue by using VR and AR apps.


Trend #3 – 5G technology

 In 2020 5G network is a “must-have” while developing and testing new mobile applications. When you built an app with high-speed 5G services, it will also function well in areas with a limited speed such as 3G or 4G.

To conclude, 5G mobile technology is used in fields of 3D gaming, augmented reality and data security, as well as to enhance speed, functionality and add new features to the application.


Trend #4 – The Internet of Things

This technology is a system with ability to control interrelated computing devices (sensors, smartphones, wearables, etc.), connected to the internet via mobile applications.

When the devices connect with automated systems, they can gather information, analyze it and create a necessary action. A good example is the “smart home” concept.

Now the majority of technology giants actively develop and invest in IoT applications. Generally, investment into the Internet of Things is likely to reach $120 billion in 2020.

Trend #5 –M-Commerce (mobile wallets)

Mobile payments nowadays are provided with more secure transaction options due to new mobile apps and technologies on decentralized platforms.

As an example, Samsung uses mobile wallets because it is more secure and easy-to-use for bill payments and money transactions. 

Other examples are Apple Pay and Google Pay. It is the quickest way of digital money transactions.

Have some questions according to using new technologies in your business?

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