Online VS Offline shopping

Today e-commerce is being developed at a crazy speed. And at the same time, there are entrepreneurs who have sales through an offline outlet but who still do not understand the advantages of developing their own online store.

Let’s take a closer look at why an offline business owner needs to be upgraded to an online one. Perhaps this is a fashion trend or a very promising direction in trade? In fact, e-commerce is a very useful tool for managing your business. When you work through an offline store, you sell a product that you purchased for X currency units at a price equal to Y. When the buyer comes to your store, the purchase is made and you get income. What prevents you from expanding sales channels and organizing a retail outlet in the network?


The online store is not just a business card site, which is created as an element of the image, but a very productive tool for sales growth. Online entrepreneurship has a number of advantages in comparison with the offline business. The online store allows you to solve several problems:

  1. You create a showcase for a potential buyer with the relevant goods.
  2. You create a database of customers who seek to buy goods from you. You can sell the product anywhere in your country and even abroad.
  3. The online store operates around the clock. When you sleep, it is still visited by potential customers. At the same time, you, as a businessman, do not bear the costs of heating, water, rent and overtime salary for your employees. Thereby you increase your profit.
  4. You have the opportunity to significantly reduce the staff of your store. Your site performs the function of sellers, which is very convenient and profitable. The online store provides information about the price and the product itself, as well as taking orders.
  5. Your business becomes more competitive as you offer your customers a convenient and fast service.


The practice seems to indicate that the most successful will be the online project that is created on the basis of an already functioning offline business. Firms that operate on the principle of B2B or B2C, are more likely to win than those that ignore the Internet as an opportunity to earn more.

At the same time, it cannot be said that a business that begins to develop exclusively in the network does not have the opportunity to grow to a serious scale. If you think out the project promotion strategy correctly, then there is an opportunity to create an excellent online business.

If you create an online store, you can:

  1. Discover a new area for expanding sales. Through the Internet, you can attract a large audience of customers, and it does not matter what you sell, clothes of famous brands, perfumes or goods for hunting, fishing or even flower pots.
  2. Automate routine business processes, such as taking orders, receiving bids, etc.
  3. Increase the range of offers.
  4. Conduct frequent market research audience of buyers.

With the proper promotion of the online store, there is a chance that it will be visited by an order of magnitude greater number of customers than a regular offline store.


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