Smachno is an application for people, who don’t know what to cook. With this app you don’t have to worry about what to cook

Our main target:

How often when you come home there is not ready food in the fridge? Or do you want to quickly cook something and get lost, what to cook from those foods that are?

We solved these problems using the Smachno application. Now it’s easy, just download the application and you will always be full.

What is Smachno?

Smachno – this is a gastronomic app, thanks to which you always know what to cook. You will always find your favorite recipe, or easily pick up the recipe for the products that are at home. All recipes can be stored in “selected dishes”, so that you can not find them again. It is possible to make a shopping list based on the selected recipe.  

Application content:  

  • Choice of dishes by products in the refrigerator;
  • 17 different categories and even more subcategories:
  • About 100 thousand recipes;
  • Photo accompaniment:
  • Notepad for purchases;
  • Detailed recipes.

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