What about Android news?

Google I/O is a mega event and annual developers conference organized and hosted by Google at their California headquarters where they share the updates about their new products, hardware, software, platform, innovations etc.

This year it was held in May 2019.

The announcement of the third beta for Android Q on stage at Google I/O was one of the most expected innovations.

Google has previously released several beta versions of Android 10 Q, the full title of the presentation was not disclosed. Before the presentation, users had time to learn about features such as:

– Control over when apps can track location. For example, you can limit tracking by active use of the application.

– New gestures for notifications. By default, when swiping to the right, the system deletes the notification, and when swiping to the left opens an additional menu. The second beta version has the ability to customize actions.

– The ability to share a password to the Wi-Fi network using a QR code.

– Built-in screen recording function.

– Support for devices with flexible screens (the presentation confirmed that all Android applications and functions are already optimized for the new type of devices)

In addition at the presentation, the company said that Android Q will focus on security, privacy and “digital well-being”, as well as new features.

Google announced:

  • Dark theme.
  • 5G support.
  • Live Caption feature. Now when you watching videos in applications, subtitles are automatically displayed if you turn off the sound. Subtitles are processed offline, on the user’s device.
  • Updating the quick answers feature: now it offers not only words, but also concrete actions, learning from user actions.
  • Security updates and other key components of the Android OS will be installed on the fly, without rebooting the device.
  • Advanced child access control for applications. For example, you can “reward” a child with extra minutes in games.
  • The company plans to add a one-touch privacy setting feature to enable users to quickly access and customize their data.

In total, Android Q will be about 50 changes related to improving user privacy.

“Our goal is to create a more useful Google for everyone”, said Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Therefore, we propose to try all the novelties to ensure the truthfulness of the Google slogan.

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