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Man is such a lazy animal that loves comfort very much, to get everything at once and as soon as possible. And on these our properties is built the business of an astronomical number of companies offering various services. Including food delivery services. A person who first thought of delivering ready-made meals for money needs to erect a monument: you don’t need to go anywhere, prepare something yourself, spending a lot of time and energy on it. Moreover, independent masterpieces of cooking can cost more than ready-made and home delivery. For many decades, the peak of high technology in this area was an order by phone. Then the Internet appeared, and it became even more convenient to order food to your doorstep.

The catering industry is not far behind modern technological trends, so more and more cafes and restaurants are starting to think about launching their own mobile apps and delivery sites or cooperating with large aggregators. In general, the global food delivery market is estimated at 83 billion euros, which is 1% of the income of the entire food industry and 4% of sales in restaurants.

There are three main models that use public eating places for food delivery: aggregators, so-called “new” services and own services. Let’s define the key differences.


The principle of operation of aggregators is as follows: they present the menu and prices of various cafes to the final consumer, then take the order and send it to the delivery service of the establishment. It is noteworthy that the client does not pay a percentage to the aggregator. In turn, the café commission of each order on average 5–7%  

“New” services

New generation services differ from aggregators in that they provide cafes and restaurants with their own delivery service, that is, they organize logistics themselves. This is true for institutions that have not previously delivered food to the houses. Representatives of the “new” services, of course, incur large costs for the maintenance of cars and drivers’ wages, but despite this, on average they receive 30% of the profits from each order. According to forecasts, by 2025, the market for such services will be estimated at 25 billion euros.

Own services

If a cafe or restaurant has sufficient resources to support its own delivery service or to go format, then it makes sense to launch a mobile application or website. There are many successful projects in the market that have abandoned the services of aggregators and have increased the profitability of their business.

Mobile App will expand your business and attract more clients to your restaurant

Imagine how great it would be if the menu of your restaurant was always at hand with your guests. Wherever they are: at home, in the office, on a visit or on vacation, your customers will always have the opportunity to place an order quickly and easily. After all, everything that is needed for this will always be with them on their phone.

The advantages of the mobile menu are obvious:

  1. Additional income from home orders placed through the mobile application;
  2. Growth of client base;
  3. Universal tool of communication – Your guests will always be aware of the current specials offers and promotions;
  4. Promotion of the restaurant in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

Extensive functionality:

  1. Quick and intuitive order process;
  2. Simple and easy navigation;
  3. Menu with photos;
  4. Quick search for the nearest restaurant network;
  5. Food delivery order;
  6. Reservations;
  7. Ability to promote a restaurant on social networks … and much more.

However, it is also important not to forget that the use of the mobile application should be convenient not only for guests, but also for the administration of the restaurant.

The App should provide with the opportunity to put all the needed info (menu, prices etc.) one time so it will appear in both clients account and admin panel. In this way, your staff will not need to manually enter orders through the mobile application. It will be enough for the operator just to confirm the order in the system so that it will automatically end up in the POS terminal and print out in the kitchen. Also, orders made through the mobile application will be sent to the system instantly, which will ensure their most prompt processing.

Organize an efficient and highly profitable delivery service is probably on the list of important tasks for many restaurateurs. But managing a restaurant is not easy, and everyday worries often take up 90% of your time. As a result, the project delivery service for a long time exists only on paper. VRG Soft perfectly understands your needs and therefore we offer a complete solution.

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