How could you upgrade your remote work? Tips and tools.

In 2020 remote work became a trend that continues to develop every day.
Numerous researches prove, that most of the people who work remotely find themselves more productive and feel happier than those who work in the office. 

But what to do if it is hard for you to work from home?

Here are some tips that help our team in everyday work:

  1. Self-control and working style.

If you are a type of person who prefers a disciplined and structured approach to work, you can successfully work remotely. But productivity can drop very much if you could be easily distracted by social networks and other entertainment. It is harder to control your work at home, but there are simple solutions to this problem.

What to do:

  • Divide time into segments and regulate work hours, as you do in the office.
  • Don’t get fooled by brain tricks like “I will watch this video and then immediately go working” – the working time is only for work


Small pleasures like gatherings with colleagues over a cup of tea or a joint dinner allow you to relax during the working day. When working at home, in most cases you will only communicate with your management and colleagues via Skype or email. And no matter how advanced modern communication technologies are, they can’t replace live communication.

It is extremely important to keep in harmony with your family and loved ones.

What to do:

  • DO NOT discuss work (especially if you work together or in the same field).
  • DO NOT discuss what happens with the crisis and virus – these talks will stress you and can provoke scandals. 
  • Discuss joint plans, dream together, do sports and cook together, etc.
  1. Reliable tech tools.

Staying at home without direct access to your team, you should consider what tools you’ll need to do your job well. 

Here are Top 4 universal free remote tools, that VRG Soft uses every day:

  1. Skype and Zoom for video conference calls.   
  2. Google documents. It’s one of the easiest tools to collaborate with. 
  3. Jira for project management. 
  4. Slack and Discord for managing the team.  Much better than email and other messengers. 

Depending on your specific needs, you can add your own tools that work for you. The key thing is quick remote access to all processes.

3.Isolated workspace. 

No matter how disciplined, motivated and productive you are, if you live in a studio apartment with a wife, a cat and a small child, perhaps only a cat will leave you alone. It is very difficult to convince the other family members that you are working at home, not just sit at the computer. For many people, this is the main reason why they prefer to work in the office.

What to do: 

Keep the distance! If you have a 1-room flat, work in the kitchen or balcony.  Explain to your relatives, how important it is for you to work without any interruptions. Define some mini-presents for them, if they did not understand from the first time.  

4.Keeping physical form. It’s hard to keep fit while staying at home. Therefore, it is important to have more physical activity and go outside of your home “office”. 

  • Have breaks every hour. You can do exercise at home. For example, every 1-2 hours do push-ups 10-30 times or sit-ups 30-50 times. It saturates the blood with oxygen and keeps the body in good shape.
  • Forget about the elevator. I live on the 9 floor, but every time go up and down the stairs.
  • Take a walk in the fresh air. It is good for the mind. You could walk in the morning when there are a few people in the street. And keep distance minimum 2 meters till the nearest person. 
  • Eat less! It is important, as we are moving less.

  1. Caring about mind. Education and self-development help to work productively and train our brains. You want to keep your mind fit too, don’t you? So stay positive and plan time for yourself. 
  2. Let the team know your  “log off” time.

At the end of working time write to the common chat “Finish” or “That’s all for today”. 

Important remark: do not work afterward. In remote work, you should also do the work within the set timelines, no overtime.


We hope that our experience will be useful to you. And you can learn more about remote work advantages here.

VRG team encourages you to stay home and work remotely on your new ideas/startups. We are always ready to help you to create the best websites and mobile apps for your business!



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