VRG Soft Continues to Get Great Reviews on Clutch!

VRG Soft has been keeping very busy during the start of 2018! Even with new clients and new
projects we still find time to keep up with the latest technological trends. In our recent blog post,
we talked about all the trends that are going to be important in App Development during 2018.
App security will be a huge priority to users this year, and we can help out with not only creating
a secure app, but one that is well designed and easy to use. Want a second opinion on how well
VRG Soft works? Just look to our Clutch profile where you’ll see all the great things clients are
saying about us.

Clutch performs extensive research on App Developers in Ukraine. Clutch’s research
methodology uses over a dozen criteria to rank companies, the most important one being client
reviews. VRG Soft is always looking to know how our worked helped our clients. With Clutch’s
detailed reviews, it’s easy to see what clients think of us. We received our first Clutch review in
April, 2017 and continue to get amazing reviews. Our first reviewer, the founder of a social
networking app, gave us an overall 5-star rating and said this about us:

“They’ve always been willing to go the extra mile.”

Our most recent reviewer on Clutch, Head of Marketing
at a jewelry manufacturer, said:

“We have worked together well and I plan to refer them to
other clients.”

These Clutch reviews help assure us that we are doing
great work for our clients, which is our main priority.
Since we work really hard to make sure all of our clients’
needs are satisfied, we are excited to have them let us know how we’re doing by leaving a review on Clutch.

If you’re thinking about using VRG Soft, or if you’re ecstatic about the work that VRG Soft has
done for you then check out our Clutch profile. In addition to our Clutch profile, feel free to view
our previous work and the services we offer!

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