Web Development Trends in 2019

The World Web, since the time when Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first code, reflects the changes in the society in which we live. The network brings people together: no matter what side of the world you live in, the Internet truly makes you a part of an era. Whether you realize it or not. As a window to the world, websites present you and your brand to the rest of humanity. This has brought success to the Internet itself and to millions of rising e-commerce stars. To keep up with competitors, it’s time to get acquainted with the main trends in the development of sites in 2019.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPA gained popularity this year. And since they are relatively easier to navigate, we can say that they are ready to increase their popularity. High speed and simplicity of application design are increasingly penetrating the hearts of web users. One-page application is a long web page that eliminates complex navigation and complex menus. SPAs work fine on both PCs and mobile devices.


A virtual conversation partner is one of the most requested and recognized features of web pages. Chatbots are especially popular with consulting firms and online stores. However, the potential of chatbots goes beyond the banal advice on issues of the same type. Today, AI with machine learning makes online consultants smarter than man. In 2019 and beyond, expect robots to communicate freely with visitors without distracting employees. Companies that are engaged in the development of AI, expect a boom.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive web applications combine the best browsers, websites and mobile applications. A progressive web application is a website that functions almost like its own mobile application. Most brands that have switched from websites to progressive web applications have significantly improved conversion rates and user engagement. Because they convey the best of websites and mobile apps. This is one of the leading trends in 2019.


Thanks to the tremendous success they have brought to countless mobile applications, push notifications have become critical components of most websites. Push notifications quickly replace mailing lists, as they are easier to manage for both users and manufacturers. Now they are used on most websites to notify users of recently published content, special offers, and personalized promotions.

Motion UI

This trend appeared last year and remains confidently on its position. “Make alive” the website is what is considered relevant now. Pages with animation are much more interesting and fun to read. Animation allows reducing the level of stress during work, if, of course, the user has a desire to watch it. The animated page is striking and draws attention to itself, making the user spend more time on the site.


Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies made the blockchain technology a mainstream. Based on a peer-to-peer network of computers that stores data using a distributed ledger, the technology ensures that the data will never be compiled. The blockchain technology is increasingly used in various industries. Blockchain technology can simplify instant authentication of large transactions and supply chain management. Today, industrial heavyweights, including IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon, are developing their own blockchain technology platforms.


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