Wellness. New generation of CRM for Sport

It has been much written about CRM systems, and this software is far from new to the market. However, like many other products which make the process of running a business easier, Customer Relationship Management, or Customer Relationship Management System is primarily used by large companies. Although, medium and small businesses benefit from its implementation may be no less.

According to experts, about 90% of small businesses still keep records in Excel or Google Drive documents. Let’s see what is a modern CRM-system, why small business needs it and what points you should pay attention when choosing it.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a category of software that includes a fairly wide range of applications. It is designed to help enterprises organize data and effectively interact with customers, automate sales, marketing, and customer support, as well as manage personnel and suppliers.

Today we will talk about the role of CRM system in Sports business. And how it will affect the working process of any sports club.

Every day you, your clients, admin, trainers, reception face with too many points which should be kept on a track. But the biggest problem business owner usually face with – to track all the data. Our team would like to present a new turn-key solution to solve this issue.

WELLNESS easy to use, multifunctional, intuitive CRM System which can be implemented in sports clubs, fitness centers, dance studios, language schools etc. The program can be used both in one club and in a network of clubs. With the help of data synchronization, you can see all the clients registered in one club – in all establishments of your network, as well as their club cards and subscriptions. The client will be able to visit the entire network of clubs, while the information about his subscription will be visible in all clubs: the name of the card, what is covered, the number of remaining visits on the card, etc.

WELLNESS is not just CRM, it’s a social network which connects admin, client and trainer. Each segment has its own access to the system.


As ADMIN you are able to manage all the schedules (for both clients and trainers), control new clients subscriptions and current membership. Furthermore, you have access to all analytics:

  • number of clients in the club at the moment
  • the general number of clients
  • stuff being late
  • the number of active memberships etc.
  • sold services and products

 In addition, ADMIN can easily create a schedule for the training and also provide clients with push-messages regarding any changes in the schedule automatically.  


It’s crucial for any client to manage his/her training schedule online without coming to the club or call the reception. Through WELLNESS, your clients will be able to make their own schedule, sign up for any training or just cancel it. Every client has his/her own personal account which helps to save the time.


WELLNESS is the first CRM which cares about stuff too. Trainers can write their own programs and track his clients progress online. Moreover, trainers are always in touch with clients via WELLNESS system.

WELLNESS will save your money and optimize working process saving all needed information in one system.

Ordering WELLNESS, your stuff will be educated free of charge.

Just drop us a line on sales@vrgsoft.net to start a new era in health and care branch!

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