What new opportunities brings COVID-19 time?

At the beginning of 2020 we got a new challenge – coronavirus epidemic changed our lives completely.

Closed in homes, a lot of people are now facing the problem – “how to live in the changed world”. Thousands were left without work, some are on unpaid leave, seeking for new opportunities. But there are 2 types of people – annoying persons and ones, using this time as a new start!

It is start of new “online time” – businesses are going online: websites, mobile apps etc. appear every day. 

In COVID-19 time entrepreneurs should focus on people’s needs. The VITAL and IMPORTANT ones  – food, health, safety, communication, education etc. 

Firstly, food sector. In times when all cafe and restaurants are closed, it is important to focus on positive – you still can deliver food at home! So instead of offline restaurant – launch a mobile app for restaurant delivery. Customers really need it! It simplifies work and gets people who don’t like to cook a chance not to stay hungry. 

Another problem is lack of communication. When you are isolated, you want to socialize. But we live in digital era, so it is simple: just release an video-chat app, better analogue of Skype. It can be specially designed for some groups of people – for example, communication app for coworkers, videoconferences for dancing and yoga, for big business!

The world is changing now. Companies began to reduce their travel costs even earlier, and in times when airplanes are stopped, live conferences are becoming outdated. Now it is time for videoconferences! And it is really important to release the product which can handle thousands of people – with video and chat options, maximum closed to real conferences. It is cheap, comfortable and socializing! It is future.

Dating services are becoming extremely popular now, because isolated people are seeking for new online ways of meetings and new relationships with people – one of basic needs from the ancient times! It is great niche for business – you can do a dating app, or flirting service with some new features or alternative-Pornhub, why not?

Fourth challenge is education. It is the sphere which used to be the most conservative for years, and now in a month it changed completely! And it continues changing every day. Schools and universities are going online, launching new online tools, apps and other products. Educational courses (for foreign languages, professional upgrade and hobbies) also are seeking for new digital ways of connecting people. For example, a lot of English courses went completely online, using multimedia lessons on a website and mobile app, and even phone conversation classes!


Of course, the list of new projects, which people extremely need in COVID-19 times, is much more wide. It is limited only by your imagination. 

So,how to launch new online product?

Develop an idea, write it in Google Docs, and then bring it to us.

VRG Soft specialists will do all work for you – from design to the development and quality assurance. Stay safe!





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