What’s new in Web Design 2019

Modern web design has become increasingly popular among professionals who work on creation of unusual projects for leading companies and brands. Outdated visualization techniques recede into the past, giving way to new actual ideas. Let’s figure out what trends will become top 2019.

Moving trend

In modern website design are widely used three-dimensional typography, Gift-pictures, and animation. Updating the reality of familiar things with the help of 3D-elements is a modern trend that is popular in leading IT companies:

  • 3D typography makes the web space come alive, attracts visitors, makes the design stand out from the rest. Similar parts are used in logos;
  • cinemagraph (when not everything comes to life in the picture, but only a separate element). An example of a flourishing reception display can be a photo of a dish placed on the site of a cafe, a restaurant, from which steam rises up. It creates the effect of freshly prepared food, which stimulates the appetite and the desire to try it immediately. Cinemagraph reception allows you to create the effect of viewing the video while maintaining high platform performance because this trend will not significantly affect the download speed.

Animated scripts are present in the web space everywhere, they make users perform actions — click (like, go to the page, purchase a service or product). Therefore, 3D components increase conversion and help personalize the look and feel of the website.

Minimalism and translucent buttons

Not so long ago, bright effects were relevant for web design. But now it turns to minimalism. The rhythm of life of a modern person is dynamic, so he doesn’t have enough time to pay attention to the distracting maneuvers of specialists in the PR industry. He is used to receiving information clearly and structured in the form in which it does not bother him. Therefore, the minimalism of design in combination with translucent buttons is appropriate not only in terms of trends but also functional.

Background video

Now every second post on Dribbble has an animated background. It is very simple to explain the wild popularity: everyone has already become bored with a static, albeit the brightest background. Video much faster allows you to plunge into the business or theme of the site.That video background gives a completely different effect – the user remains spellbound.


Outline – a type of illustration that is created using lines. Outline is applicable anywhere, but most often this style is used for business, technology, and e-commerce. Let’s not forget that outline is also good for icons and infographics.


You must admit that people do not like to read a lot visiting websites, everyone likes to watch and participate, therefore modern trends boil down to interactive. Interactive web design is the ability of the user to interact with the site through games, applications, tests, unusual scrolls. It makes users spend more time

Vertical navigation

Horizontal navigation is another web design standard that is no longer relevant. Replace it with a vertical one, add pop-up windows – and your users will appreciate it.

Space effect and shade of blue

One of the biggest graphic trends in 2019 will be shades of blue use, purple and black in the design of the site to give a feeling of “space or galaxy.” These colors and shades are not only perceived by visitors well but brighter and more beautifully displayed on devices with touch screens.

Everyone should understand that knowledge of the theory of trends is not enough. Their use is permissible only in a competent and harmonious conception with a resource. Then it will be interesting and visually pleasing for users. The whole secret of understanding the design is how you feel about the core idea. To get a really bright and clear result, you need to understand your target audience, and what can set you apart from the competitors.

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