Shopping like generation Z does

Every year the popularity of online shopping is growing more and more. The convenience of this service has completely spoiled consumers: why should I stand for hours in traffic jams on the way to the store, look for a parking place, and then wait in the queue, if I can safely buy shampoo and batteries by going online through a smartphone?
So that`s what can you hear from the typical generation Z costumer.

Born with a phone in their hands, these consumers can give odds to all their predecessors in the speed of perception of information. And to keep the attention of the classic Z generation customer is a big challenge for marketers because only something unique and impressive deserves their attention.

Here are some tips that can be helpful for you when building your sales strategy:

1. Involve Z costumer through the usual things. For social networking with friends, reading content and buying products, Z generation will mainly use mobile devices. Therefore, your business strategy must first be focused on mobile marketing and SMM. The presence of a mobile version of the site and the mechanism of constant interaction with consumers through social networks is the first thing you should take care of in order to attract the attention of generation Z.

2. Provide the necessary value of your product. In order to attract new generation consumers, it is not enough to develop a brand – it is necessary to constantly improve product quality. Design, functionality and reliability – only this plays a role for generation Z.

3. Be honest and transparent. Generation Z will require honesty and transparency from companies. Accept the fact that it will be impossible to hide the flaws of your product in the future – social networks, reviews from ordinary consumers and the ability to leave comments will reveal to the world all your background. In order to be successful, companies will have to develop thoughtful, effective and long-term strategies for resolving all kinds of conflicts with consumers.

4. Match the tastes. The new generation of consumers appreciates the individuality and at the same time, all the time draws attention to the opinion of certain groups of people. The ability to meet these needs will help your company to effectively interact with the generation Z. The best way to achieve this is to hire them in your marketing team.

5. Respect privacy. Generation Z will be technically knowledgeable enough to control the use of your personal data. First, they do not like being followed. Some turn off geolocation, some are removed from social networks altogether. Your entire advertising campaign may come to naught from the very first attempt to reach the classic Z costumer: they negatively relate to intrusive advertising. They buy goods in three cases: if friends like it, if they often see advertisements for this product, if this is done specifically for them and according to their needs.

So do you want to be on the same wave with the next generation costumers?

Then just tell us about your product and VRG Soft will help you to put your business on the new stage.

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