“Radio Tape” Mobile Application. Case Study



ExoPlayer, VLC Player, custom widgets


Project Coordinator – 1

IOS Developer – 1

Android Developer -1

PHP Developer – 1

Mobile Tester – 1


1 Month

Support – Ongoing

The Idea

Even if you have hundreds of already downloaded songs in your Player, you always need some “fresh” feeling for your ears. In this case, the best way to listen to the Radio so to randomly bump into a new song. There millions of Radios on Play Market and Apple Store. But they look and work in the same way. So while choosing any of them, you just pay attention to the reviews and number of stars, nothing special. After long research and hundreds of downloads, we came to the idea of creating something unusual and juicy – Radio Tape –  the radio which has a touch of the past times but feeling of modern technologies and new features.

  The Approach

After the initial discovery sessions, VRG Soft team scoped a sprint based development program to deliver the iOS version of the app. After successful delivery of the iOS version, further sprints were added to deliver the application to Android. The initial focus was the iOS release but it was clear from the discovery phase that the medium-term goal was to launch across two mobile platforms.

Android version VRG Team decided to create using ExoPlayer as this is the most effective way to deliver quality product and meet Android users’ expectations. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio both locally and over the Internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API, including DASH. Unlike the MediaPlayer API, ExoPlayer is easy to customize and extend and can be updated through Play Store application updates.

For IOS Version was chosen VLC Player as the most compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Custom widget for equalizer. 10-band equalizer allows customers to adjust music to the way they like.

The Solution

We delivered an easy to use mobile experience that was both smart and efficient. Radio Tape key features are:

  • Slow internet connection doesn’t affect the quality of the radio sound anymore. Even when you drive out of the city, he has an opportunity to enjoy favorite radio station. To listen to the radio, you will need to have just (2G/EDGE) Internet connection with the speed of 24kb/sec.
  • Free equalizer access. Adjust the music the way you like.
  • “Timer” will not allow the battery to go down when the customer falls asleep.
  • With the feature “Favorites” customers will never lose their lovely radio stations.
  • Failed to “Shazam” or find a song on the Internet? Click “REC” and get it.
  • Filters “Country” and “Genre” help to reach faster the needed station.

The Result

VRG Soft delivered a native application to iOS and Android. Each platform has a specific user experience as expected by mobile device users. The application allows radio lovers listen to more than a thousand of radio stations and enjoy pleasing to the eye interface.   

Turn to our team and make your dreams come true. Don’t collect your ideas, start implementing them into reality!

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